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Ritambhara Sahni Review by Students of Ritambhara Sahni's Institute for The Performing Arts

Ritambhara Sahni reviews The belly dance course as well the individual lessons are brilliantly structured. Ritambhara concentrates on technique as well as performance skills resulting in well rounded dancers. The classes are also a great form of exercise as belly dancing has introduced me to muscles I dint even know I had! Excellent class! The Popping, Locking, Breaking and Krumping.[RSIPA] class is extremely energetic and enjoyable. Every session reveals something new + different. This type of movement helps isolate individual muscles and tones the body without the tedium of attending a gym. Brilliant class.

Isha Dave –student

Reviews for Ritambhara Sahni Ritambhara's classes are full of fun and energy. Every woman present goes home feeling great about
herself especially and the best is she gave us opportunity to be a part of Channel V Flash Mob.
thanks to all the encouragement we get!  Belly dancing is a great workout too; and does not get boring or monotonous...
so we cant wait for the next class. It's a blast and i love it more each week.

Tushna Commissariat - student

I read Ritambhara Sahni's article in the newspaper and I soon found myself looking her up and contacting the institute. It's been a wonderful journey ever since and it's been 6 years now. She makes her classes fun and interesting. I've learnt several forms of dance under her mentorship and will continue doing so.

Radha Mehta, student.
Dancing is liberating! And here at Ritambhara Sahni's institute for the performing arts, I've learnt So many kinds of dance forms. Hip hop, popping & locking and belly dancing! I love this institute! Being here has multiplied my passion for dancing. In levels and stages you only get better and better with Ritambhara Sahni.

Andrea Joseph, Tax consultant, Deloitte.
I've always been extremely enthusiastic about dance and the only platform I had was in performances during school. I am so glad I joined Ritambhara Sahni's institute for the performing arts during my summer vacation. And the timing of the classes are so ideal that I have continued with them even after school reopened. I love this institute and she is the best teacher I know!

Riya Sanghvi - student
Before I came to this institute I never thought I could dance. But after a few months I have learnt how to do Krump which is now my favourite dance form. Really never thought it could be this easy. But Ritambhara Sahni does not only make it look easy but will also explain how it can easily be done. She is an amazing dancer and I really hope I someday can dance like her.

Nipa Veigas - Graphic designer
I probably have been a drama queen for as long as I can remember & at Ritambhara Sahni's Institute for the performing arts I could be myself. She's the happiest and nicest person I know and she is so much fun! She can teach any type of dance and in all her classes the aspect of fun is always there. I love her classes!

Priya Gupta, student
Who ever thought popping and locking was this easy! Ok so it wasn't all that easy at first but Ritambhara Mam breaks the steps and explains with such clarity so it becomes easy. I love the friends I have made here and I have learnt so much in such little time. After a week of attending classes, this is my favourite class and Ritambhara mam is my favourite teacher.

Pooja Trivedi, student
Ritambhara is smart funny and an amazing dancer! I love love love this institute. I've learnt so much from her in the past year from locking and break dance to hip hop and belly dance. Thanks to Ritambhara i can now dance like Andie, my favourite in the movie Step up!

Popping, Locking, Break Dancing, Krumping consist of isolating the body parts. It’s a very cool and stylish form of dance. It automatically brings out the cool attitude in the individual. Ritambhara’s teaching is excellent and its fun learning the cool steps from a cool person like her.

Shalaka Narwankar – Student
I have been in this institution since 7 years. I have learnt Jazz, Hip Hop, Belly dance and now I am learning Popping, Locking, Break Dance and Krumping which has made me very flexible. Its just amazing. It has improved my health and has made me realize my strength and weakness. Ritambhara has a very good style of teaching. She always breaks the step and teaches, which makes it very easy. RSIPA ROCKS !

Priyanka Siram - Student
For someone like me who felt learning dance was a real effort, RSIPA made it real fun. From the belly dance class to Popping and Locking to Hip Hop and bollywood… each course was well structured and each step well taught. Ritambhara Sahni is a delightful teacher who puts a lot of thought into each class and makes sure everyone ‘ CAN DANCE’ at the end of the day.

Priya Soni - student
AWESOME! A PERFECT [ i mean perfect] institute for learning Popping, Locking, Break dancing and Krumping. RSIPA simply rocks!!!. IT’s legendary.

Aaditya Agarwal – student
Ritambhara Mam is an excellent teacher. She is energetic and very encouraging. Popping, Locking, Breaking and Krumping helps us to tone our body and make it flexible. The moves are very cool and stylish.

Jaikishan Ranka - student
I have been a part of RSIPA since the past 9 years. I have become a more open and interactive person then before, I have performed in all the shows held by RSIPA which has increased my confidence show after show and today I am an instructor not only at RSIPA but also at BDIMRS.

Aditi Chandnani – student
For someone who despises working out, there is no better form of exercise than dancing. I became a part of RSIPA 2 years ago and believe me the difference shows. I have not only shed a few extra kilos, but feel more toned all over. Besides, I love the environment here at RSIPA. I always go back home feeling positive and with a big smile on my face.

Karishma Rajani - student


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