Prianca's Review- a student at Ritambhara Sahni


Belly Dance Class in Khar West

of Belly Dance Institute Mumbai

Prianca's's Review for Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Institute Mumbai:

I always wanted to learn belly dance from my early teenage days. Watching ladies and girls belly dancing

made me feel really amazed and I always thought about myself belly dancing as well some day in the

future but I never found the right place to learn it the right way..and also there was really no belly dance

class in Khar west in my area..

So, finally a time came when I accidentally found out about Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara

Sahni. The name itself sounded so awesome...a complete institute dedicated only to belly dancing. I went

on to read about them on their facebook page , where I found the links to their website and various

blogs. I read extensively on them. I read many belly dance stories as well on Ritambhara Sahni blogs and

also went through her personal blog which was so inspirational. I followed them immediately on

Instagram and subscribed to their you tube channel. The reviews and testimonials by students all over

the internet were FAB !!. The institute had done a lot of work over the years and it was so amazing to

know that this belly dance class in Mumbai was started in 2005 and had the largest database.The most

awesome thing was that they had their belly dance class in Khar West. Of course, what was there to

think...So just could not wait and I just called up and enrolled myself.

So, finally my first ever dancing lesson came was too excited and nervous but Ritambhara Sahni Ma'am

is just awesome and always supportive. Saturday classes are always fun with her and she is too naughty

just like child and good at heart. She can be motivating as a teacher and bring out the funny child in her

and amuse you along with amaze . You have to be her student to experience this. Always correcting our

wrong moves and teaching the moves with very good and funny entertaining stories and make us laugh

till our stomachs ache with laughter.

Its a short span of time at Ritambhara Belly Dance class in Khar West - just 3 months but the feel of the

BELLY DANCER AND CONFIDENCE is what I am getting into my soul. I just love belly dancing as it is

something coming from within and I am too passionate to learn. I feel confident and enjoy Ritambhara

Belly Dance Classes in Mumbai. I see myself after years of training as a good belly dancer for sure.

I say once again that I am so glad I found Ritambhara Belly Dance class in Khar West Ritambhara Sahni

Belly Dance institute Mumbai is all about learning and fun. I highly recommend this belly dance class in Mumbai

as Ritambhara Sahni's Institute for belly dance is the best belly dance classes in Mumbai.

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