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Ritambhara Sahni Testimonial by her student Kenny

Ritambhara Sahni testimonial-kenny

"I have achieved a lot in my college because of all the higher level courses that I have done with Belly Dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni. Because of the belly dance certificates I got several opportunities in and from my college. I am writing this to you Ritambhara Sahni to express my experience with you and your amazing Institute - Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni"

Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni has helped me achieve a great name in my college.

Throughout my teenage life I was inclined and fascinated towards belly dancing specially while watching Bollywood songs which would make me get up and start dancing myself, that was the time I realized and discovered my inclination towards belly dancing. My realization and keen interest for learning belly dance was followed by a brief discussion with my parents who supported me and wanted me to join the best belly dance class in Mumbai.

During that time I had just finished my 10th exams and that time it kept me really busy with friends, relatives and post exam pending works. However my determination to learn belly dance was so strong thanks to the motivating videos on internet that landed me hunting for the best belly dance class in Mumbai to realize my dream of learning belly dance. During that time my cousin's friend told me about Ritambhara Sahni's Belly Dance institute and sweared by it. She herself learned the advanced course from the Institute and I was quite impressed by her belly dance which not only made her an amazing dancer but involved her as a confident person.

Inspired by this I quickly enrolled myself to Ritambhara Sahni's Belly Dance Institute Mumbai for the Beginner Course. The period after enrolling for the first day also not easy that phase had brought so much nervousness in me, rounding me with various questions but thankfully the first day at class was such day I can never forget - the first day of my class. Ritambhara sahni made me so comfortable, She Listened to me politely and introduced me to the beautiful world of truly dance due to which I am thankful to her till date my beginners course was followed by Advanced course, with the passage of time Belly dance made me such changed person. I owe Ritambhara Sahni and Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni big time for making me what am today, for bringing my inner confidence, positive attitude out. Belly dance has not only modified by body but also has brought some inner peace in me. The inner and outer strength that belly dance brings out not only physically but mentally as well is incomparable which helped me win certificates in every level.

These certificates not only motivated me as a belly dancer but also helped my admission in college which further helped me participate and lead all such dance programmers at various levels.

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