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Testimonial for Ritambhara Sahni by Arpita

Students of Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni dedicates a piece of note towards their mentor Ritambhara Sahni and her Belly Dance Classes Mumbai.

Testimonial for Ritambhara Sahni

Ritambhara Sahni for Arpita

Arpita is an extremely sincere student and extremely good at other dance forms. I feel honoured when great dancers like her give me an opportunity to teach them. Even to watch a student learn with ease like Arpita makes me feel good just the watch her belly dance so beautifully. This is what she sent me on WhatsApp and told me that I must share it on my website. So here goes:

In Arpita’s Words….[ Her testimonial ]

Just like all girls I am a television fan. Watching music channels, movies, serials is my favourite past time. Never knew that this past time of mine would introduce me to Belly Dance. After learning classical I always wanted to do something very unique. What was better than Belly Dance! It was also my mom's wish to see me belly Dance. It used to fascinate me a lot. Our mutual views on belly dancing didn't take me long to see my future in belly dancing.

Even after being passionate about the dance form, I couldn't enrol myself in a class, maybe I was being too choosy about the class or may be circumstances didn't permit me. But this year "as a new year resolution" I finally made sincere efforts to search for a good class and yes I got one. BELLY DANCE INSTITUTE MUMBAI BY RITAMBHARA SAHNI . Later got to know that Ritambhara Sahni was also my mom's former dance instructor. So, there was no second thought.

The first day of the class was full of mixed feelings. Will I be able to do it? How will my instructor be? I hope she is not too strict. And then enters a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile "Ritambhara Sahni". Her smile made me so comfortable that the ocean of questions I had in mind calmed down. The way she taught me the basic techniques was amazing! I could easily pick up. Her constant praises encouraged me to do better.

The beginner’s course gave me a confidence that I could go ahead with this dance and definitely I am. It's said that if we do what makes us happy it creates positivity in you. After every session I am satisfied. And this satisfaction is all I need. Thanks to Ritambhara Sahni who is helping me cross all the bars professionally as well as personally. Her love for Belly Dance makes me love her and belly Dance even more. I hope to be with her and belly dancing for life time.

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