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Watch the students of our institute dance to 'Aa Dekhen Zara' for channel 'V' s Bloody Cool Relaunch choreographed by Ritambhara Sahni...The first ever flash mob choreographed by Ritambhara Sahni for channel 'v' s relaunch.'

Ritambhara Sahni's Institute for The Performing Arts Ritambhara Sahni's Institute for The Performing Arts

Ritambhara Sahni's Institute for Performing Arts

Ritambhara Sahni - a proud Mumbaikar- lives in her dream city -Mumbai which she loves and cherishes. Ritambhara Sahni's Institute For The Performing Arts [RSIPA- pronounced as RISPA] since 1996 launched by Ritambhara Sahni has been now there for 14 years. Ritambhara has been learning, studying and performing various dance forms like Urban Hip Hop[Popping, locking, Breaking, Krumping, Funk, [either fall under the umbrella of Hip Hop or are related to Hip Hop],Jazz and Contemporary, The Tap Dance, Belly and Flamenco since the age of 7 years.

Ritambhara Sahni - Her beginning

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Ritambhara Sahni has studied and trained in Indian as well as western dance forms in India as well as abroad and she started to do so at the tender age of 6 years.Ritambhara Sahni's mother - Shrimati Indu Suresh Sahni - was India's topmost announcer at All India Radio. Back then the radio station use to have its events. The credit goes to her mother to give Ritambhara Sahni a platform to perform. Ritambhara Sahni worked with various choreographers from India as well as abroad and performed in several events in various dance forms like jazz, rock n roll, contemporary and bollywood of course.
Ritambhara Sahni also worked as a child artist and gave her voice on the radio. She also got the opportunity to work with Sabira Merchant in a play called ' The Chameleon' which was aired on the radio several times. She also interviewed many celebrities as a child artist. She is known to have a beautiful voice and has done many voice overs, dubbing, and a lot of work on radio back then.
Ritambhara Sahni's aunt - Jyoti Sharma was a leading and well known actress in theatre especially gujrati theatre and was a senior dubbing artist. She has now taken self retirement. Ritambhara Sahni worked with her aunt in many plays as well as a child artist and did many dubbings and voice overs.
Ritambhara Sahni was extremely talented and experienced not only in dance but also in acting, singing, dancing, voice overs and dubbing at a very tender age.
Ritambhara Sahni was a very determined child with dreams to explore and excel in anything and everything in the field of performing arts.
She still continues to give her voice at times. She is also a great mimicry artist, a very talented actress and a great entertainer.
Ritambhara Sahni worked in serials as well. She worked with Sunjoy Wadhwa who heads sphere origins - 'makers of balika vadhu' She did several serials with Ramanad Sagar - sagar arts and Karnik communications back then.
She was also almost chosen as an RJ for radio Mirchi but was declined for the same as radio mirchi did not want the RJ to pocess her own comany. They obviously needed the RJ independent of a an alternate career.
Having blessed with a house in Europe and America Ritambhara Sahni has studied dance extensively in Urban Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemprary, Flamenco, The Tap dance, Bollywood of course and Belly Dance.After mastering the art of dance essentially free style dancing under several masters in US, Europe and India Ritambhara Sahni established RSIPA [ Ritambhara Sahni's Institute For The Performing Arts which was a great success and in 2005 she launched The Belly Dance Institute in Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni.

Ritambhara Sahni's Philosophy

Ritambhara Sahni the youngest child after her brother was born really late with a huge age difference between her and her brother. She started to work and perform as an artist very early in life and learnt and realized back then that she loves to work and also would love to be self reliant, independent and work hard for the same for the rest of her life. She somehow felt and knew that that was the only way she could excel. YES, at the the tender age of 6 years, Ritambhara Sahni knew that she wants to and thus she is going to grow in whatever she does and is willing to give everything for the same. She knew the going was going to be tough but she loved the challenge. Ritambhara Sahni wanted to be ' THE BEST ' at whatever she did .
Ritambhara Sahni believes that whatever you do ...it has to be with ' Perfection and Excellence' else not worth doing it. Ritambhara Sahni known to be a perfectionist by all her students and team says that perfection and excellence go hand in hand nd compliment each other. Her ventures till date obviously include both.Academically Ritambhara Sahni was a brilliant student. She brought a lot of glory to her school and college in the field of sports and performing arts and won the all rounder award in her college - 'HR college of commerce and economics'

Ritambhara Sahni's Aim and Mission for Belly Dance

When Ritambhara Sahni established Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni in the year 2005, her aim was to spread the beauty and joy of belly dance in each and every girl and woman of today and then. She was running Ritambhara Sahni's Institute For The Performing Arts right from the year 1996.
She started teaching at her home giving private lessons in the year 1992 and belly dance was certainly her dream to learn since childhood. She went on abroad in the year 2000 and studied the dance art and started to have belly dance workshops ever since the year 2001 in Mumbai before she established belly dance institute Mumbai in the year 2005.
Not only was her aim and mission to spread the beauty and joy of belly dance in each and every girl and woman but also to fulfill each and every girls childhood dream to belly dance. Belly Dance was a childhood dream for so many females as belly dance was not accepted well in India. Watching the dance was amazing but it was potrayed in bad way and was considered as 'taboo' two decades ago.
That is why belly dance was a dream for so many and Ritambhara Sahni herself. To change the viewpoint of belly dance with the stigma attached to it and bring it out to the people in the way it is meant to be which is the celebration of womanhood was another aim and mission of hers and her institute Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni and she was all determined to do so. Today the viewpoint of belly dance has surly come a long way and yes we can surly say that there is no stigma attached to it.
Ritambhara Sahni continues to help females realize how they can discover themselves with the beauty and power of belly dance, gain world wide popularity and also to spread awareness that females of all age ,shapes and sizes can belly dance. Belly Dance empowers women, it makes a girl feel like a woman and a woman feel like a girl. It makes you closer to yourself , changes your relationship with you in ways you would never have imagined.
Ritambhara Sahni has appeared in several publications and news channels primarily as she was the 1st lady to start a western dance class in Mumbai, the 1st lady to choreograph India's first flash mob and also the 1st female to bring belly dance to the city of Mumbai. She has been written about in Bombay Times as she was the 1st to fuse the idea of belly dance and Dandiyaa fusion dance.
She has also been written in the Hindustan Times where she has credited pop singer singer Shakira for increasing the popularity of belly dance and moving it away from being 'taboo'. Also the 1st lady to organize Mumbai's 1st belly dance show with 200 Indian belly dancers.
You could read her press articles in our PRESS section

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